After a tragic experience, a person can often find themselves in need of some self help. Whether this is to overcome the tragedy, come to terms with the tragedy, or sometimes, find something positive to take from the tragedy, it leads to a sort of personal development.

This path can come in many forms. For instance, a woman suffering from her first miscarriage can overcome the loss and find positives to take from the event by speaking with family and friends about it, seeking out support groups, receiving therapy, or reaching out on Internet forums for advice and shared thoughts about her experience. When reaching out after such a tragic event, a woman will often find that her situation is more commonplace than she might suspect. Many women have found solace with their loss by speaking to family members who then share their own miscarriage experience – something that is often not spoken about.

Reaching out to support groups when grieving can also be a way to develop an understanding of one’s self. With the help of others, individuals can grow, understand, let go, and be comforted in a way that would not be possible by keeping their emotions and grief inside, as holding onto grief will only make a person feel smaller and less important. This will deteriorate self worth, and is no way to move forward after unfortunate life events.

An abundant amount of forums can be found on the Internet that make it easier than ever to share hard-hitting experiences. Often, these forums have many members who are happy to help others get on the road to developing a new sense of self worth after tragic events and life experiences. Now, more than ever, it is easy to reach out by just sitting in front of a computer. It is not even necessary to participate in conversation on these forums. Stories from complete strangers can be read and taken to heart; just knowing someone else has survived, progressed, and become functioning again can help a person know that they too can begin to heal.

However, it is important to know that this will not happen instantaneously. The path of healing after a tragic event is a long one, but there are ways to help yourself along the way. Reaching out, connecting, and sharing are just some of the ways to heal. Do not lose hope and do not despair, because it is possible to develop after tragedy.

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